Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever done a resume for (insert your position type)?

The answer is: YES! We have written hundreds of resumes from Office Assistant to Rocket Scientist.

Here is a link to our client testimonials that are laid out by career level or type. Or here to see the most recent.

Should I include my references?

No. There is also no need to say they’re available upon request. If a hiring authority wants that information, they know to ask. Instead, ask your references to give a recommendation on your LinkedIn page.

What does ATS mean?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the name for recruiter databases. The algorithms are what helps companies and recruiters to sort through the sometimes thousands of online applications they receive and upload. They are based on keywords input by the hiring authority to scan your resume and see if it matches their criteria. It scores your resume automatically and if not scored high enough, it will not be seen by human eyes and it will be rejected.

How do I make my resume ATS compliant?

ATS algorithms have multiple rules and there are over 300 different ones to consider. Font, text color, images, lines, graphs, bullet points, all have rules that must be followed in order to be ‘readable’ to the algorithm. This is why we have extensively researched different algorithms, in collaboration with our network of recruiters, to craft resumes that beat ATS and get our client seen by the hiring authorities.

So what now?

Send us your current resume and book an appointment. We will do an absolutely free analysis of how your current resume would fare against a number of things like ATS compliancy, grammar and spelling standards, and recruiter impression.

Book a free 15-minute call to discuss how we can help you.

Should my resume be 1 page or 2?

Contrary to what your friend or your coworker told you, the one-page resume is dead. Unless you have only worked one to two years and did not attend post secondary, your resume should be at least 1.5 pages. (Note: Some FAANG companies want 1-page for coders etc.) An Executive or C-Level resume can go all the way up to 3 pages!

Should I put my whole address on my resume?

Using City, State/Province abbreviation, and ZIP/Postal code is plenty. Anything else is unnecessary information that could potentially get into the wrong hands. If you are in a suburb or city within a Greater (City) Area, use the larger city name.

Is it important to have an ATS compliant resume?

YES! If you’re applying for more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies it is imperative that your resume be ATS compliant.

Should I still have my job duties in my resume?

Short answer is, yes. Long answer is resumes have changed so much in the last 10 years alone. You should have a brief job description of 3 or 4 lines of text, but that’s it. Resumes now need to show why you are a better hire than the next candidate. When someone is looking at your resume, they want to know what you’ve achieved and that you know how to replicate it for another company. You need to BRAG about yourself!

What if I’m not good at bragging about myself?

Well . . . you’re in great company. Most of the people we work with struggle with talking about the things they’ve achieved! We have a proven method of drawing out those accomplishments and wording them in a powerful way that gets to the core of what you did for that company and how impactful it was. We often hear from clients after they receive their first draft things like: “Wow. I didn’t know I could look this impressive on paper” or “I would hire me with this resume!”.