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All our resume packages include:

Free resume analysis: Learn how your current resume would score with ATS and recruiters.

LinkedIn profile update: We provide instructions to create a profile with keywords to get you noticed. Then, we teach you how to properly use your page to get results.

Cover letter template: A generic cover letter does more harm than good. We teach you how to write one that makes you stand out. 

Inclusion in Recruiter Network database: We have built a network of over 3,000 recruiters across the country who all have access to our database.

Two (2) resume versions: ATS & Visual: Having a plain version of your resume is vital for ATS, but in person, you need something to draw the eye and differentiate you from the rest.

Job search & interview tips: Skip the APPLY button! We provide information to help you conduct a wide-ranging and effective job search including networking, approaching recruiters, and preparing to dazzle and impress a single recruiter or a panel of interviewers.

Sample Thank You letter: The art of saying Thank You seems to be lost these days. We show you the right way to build rapport with a great Thanks for the interview!

2-year $125 update guarantee: If we completed your resume, but you now want to take the next step in your career, you’ll want to update your resume with the newest position and achievements. Or, if you are ready to upgrade to a different career or industry, we can revamp your resume for a Career Shift for $175.

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Career Packages

Early Career $345

The first 5 years of your employment are important as they prove you are able to move from being a student to applying that knowledge in the ‘real world’. We help you demonstrate your achievements in a way that shows you know your stuff and are ready for bigger things.

Mid Career $425

Your achievements differentiate you from the crowd. We know how to translate them into a cohesive, dynamic resume that shows your value to a company. We will take your accomplishments and present them in a way to make you stand out among your peers and to the hiring authority.

Career Shift $465

Sometimes we need to change. Skills are transferable from one field or industry to another. We are experts in the art of translating your past achievements into language targeted to the new role you want.

Executive C-Suite $650

Those of you looking for Sr. Director, VP, President, or C-Suite positions need a resume that shows your amazing achievements. You lead and produce results! We will create a resume that illustrates your strong leadership and ability to drive results.

Executive VIP $1095

Busy executives often don’t have time to implement a GREAT job search. That’s why we have built a VIP service just for you. We provide one-on-one service including job searches, resumes, cover letters and more.

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Additional Services

Coaching$175/hr stand alone

Coaching $125/hr existing client

Existing Client Resume Update $125

Existing Client Update Shift/Executive $175

Existing Client Customized Resume & Cover letter $95 per job listing

Expedited delivery $125 (First draft in 3 – 5 days)

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